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Minister and Church Forms/Information

Business Acts
101st International Assembly

On-Line Tithing for Ministers through Church Center Planning

Click on the Link above and choose "Log-In." The first time you visit, create a User Name and Password by entering your phone number. A link for an instructional video is at the bottom of this page. Contact Becky Dudding, Regional Treasurer, for assistance if needed.

Lay Minister Forms

2023 Tax

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Notebook and Pen
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Flexible Payment Planning

Lay Minister








Click here for Lay

Minister Application.

Click here for Lay

Minister Application

in Spanish

Minister Report Form...Click Here for English

Minister Report Form...

Click Here for Spanish

Minister License Renewal Form

Click Here to download document

Request for Incorporation...Click here

Child, Youth & Worker Protection Policy....Click here to download a printable/readable copy.  A Spanish version is also available....Click here

Deacon Application.....Click here

Deacon Qualifications.....Click here

Background Check Permission form.......Click here

Reading here

Activity Report here

Lay Minister here

Background Check Permission here

Facilities Use Form...Click Here to download a copy

COGOP Volunteer Application...Click Here to download a copy

Planning Center Giving Presentation GLRC
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